The present investigation examined the relation between spirituality, measured by the

Expressions of Spirituality Inventory (ESI; MacDonald, 2000); and the Minnesota

Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 Restructured Clinical (MMPI-2 RC) scales (Tellegen et

al., 2003) using data from a previously published study (i.e., MacDonald & Holland, 2003).

Zero-order, multiple, and partial correlations were calculated to explore the association.

All multiple correlations, wherein the five ESI dimensions were used collectively to predict

MMPI-2 RC scales, emerged significant for all MMPI-2 RC scales. For zero-order correlations,

all RC scales were found to have a significant relation with at least one ESI dimension.

Existential Well-Being (EWB) was found to be significantly negatively associated with all

MMPI-2 RC scales except RC9-Hypomanic Activation. When compared to correlations

between the ESI and the MMPI-2 Basic Clinical Scales, the RC scales seem to produce a

similar pattern of coefficients but of lower magnitude. The study concludes with a discussion

of the findings, limitations, and suggestions for clinical practice and future research.

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