International Journal of Transpersonal Studies




This paper explores Rollo May’s 1992 reassessment of transpersonal psychology, in which he reverses

his 1986 and 1989 arguments against transpersonal psychology. Equally relevant, this paper shows

that May was actually interested in supporting what is now called ecopsychology. Schroll (following

Alan Drengson and Arne Naess) now refers to ecopsychology as transpersonal ecosophy. This paper

offers a thorough examination of several key concerns that May had regarding his reservations

toward accepting transpersonal psychology’s legitimacy, and includes May’s vigorous discussion with

Ken Wilber. Wilber’s discussion with Kirk Schneider’s 1987 and 1989 critique of transpersonal

psychology is also examined. Likewise Albert Ellis’ 1986 and 1989 rejection and misunderstanding

of transpersonal psychology is discussed.

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