International Journal of Transpersonal Studies




This study investigated the experiences gained from a 20-minute shamanic-like drumming

session. Twenty-two persons participated and made written descriptions afterwards about

their experiences. A phenomenological analysis was applied which generated 31 categories,

that were organized into six themes: 1) The undertaking of the drumming journey, 2)

Perceptual phenomena: visual, auditory and somatic, 3) Encounters, 4) Active vs. Passive role,

5) Inner wisdom and guidance, and 6) Reflections on the drumming journey. A multitude

of detailed experiences were described such as visual imagery, hearing sounds, encountering

animals, as well as gaining insights. Participants generally appreciated the drumming session

and few negative effects were noted. The conclusion made is that shamanic-like drumming

can be a valuable supplement to other psychotherapeutic techniques.

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