International Journal of Transpersonal Studies




Th is article further develops one section by the same name in another article published in

the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies entitled Integral Approach in Transpersonal

Psychotherapy (Boggio Gilot, 2003) by proposing a model of mental suff ering based on

uniting scientifi c psychology with meditative wisdom (e.g., derived from Yoga Vedanta). Th e

role of spiritual vision underlines a wider understanding of the origins of mental suff ering,

including damage from ontological unawareness and egoism, non-ethical factors usually

ignored in psychology. Th ese give rise to destructive poisons of the mind such as pride,

greed, fear, resentment, envy, and intolerance, which characterize egoic narcissism. Th is

comparative approach to psychology and meditative wisdom allows for an expansion of

developmental and psychotherapeutic theories.

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