International Journal of Transpersonal Studies


This is a transpersonal fantasy about the last days of the dinosaurs ca. sixty-five million years ago. I suppose that communication with the Timeless (or if one prefers to put it--with Another) in one's mind precedes intraspecies communication and that one of the first recognizable acts of mystical life is surrender. A more specific and of course more far-out and irreverent hypothesis underlying this fantasy is that--unlike the bulk of individual memory records--Timeless memory "seeds" of unspecified origin are transmittable by a [retro]enterovirus. This leads to the possibility of horizontal transmission of this type of memory. In the new host, the Timeless memory virus persists until one day, after a possibly quite long genetical adjustment process, it will be inserted into DNA coding for synchronization signals of the memory recording machinery of this organism. Within the synchronization signals Timeless memory seeds will further adjust to the new host and then become active in a cycle of reciprocal editing of individual memory records (that is often quite adaptive for the host organism) and as a result will often multiply to very high titers (copy numbers).