Most Recent Additions*


Electronic Dance Music Events as Modern-Day Ritual
Audrey Redfield and Marie I. Thouin-Savard


"Retembló la tierra": CIIS and Zapatista Community
Leticia Contreras, Lilly Falconer, Majal Logan, and John Carson


The Relevance of Transformative Body Practices to Diversity and Social Change: An experiential workshop
Don Hanlon Johnson, Christina Boyd, Leah Nunke, Tayla Ealom, Padma Diamond, and Lauren Magnolia Westerschule


Integral Scholarship
Monica Mody and Penelope Mato Vilar


Spirituality and Social Justice: An Integral View
WSE Program, Mara Keller, Alka Arora, and Annette Williams


Inclusion and Social justice in Integral Education
Gisele Fernandes, Kathy Littles, and Taunya Black

*Updated as of 12/17/17.