Expanding and Reenchanting the Psyche: The Pioneering Thought of Stanislav Grof


William Keepin

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Key experiences and insights are presented from the application of Holotropic Breathwork to innovative leadership for social, political, and environmental change. Inspiring anecdotes and breakthroughs are recounted from prominent social change leaders, showing how their breathwork experience impacted their leadership for social transformation.



William Keepin, Ph.D., is founder of Satyana Institute and Gender Reconciliation International, which conducts training programs around the globe on 'Gender Reconciliation' between women and men, and collaborates with the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation to implement Gender Reconciliation in South African universities. A physicist and whistleblower in nuclear science, he trained in transpersonal psychology and spiritual disciplines East and West, and completed his certification in Holotropic Breathwork in 1990. Will has applied breathwork in his trainings for social and environmental leaders for 24 years. His books include Divine Duality, Women Healing Women, and Song of the Earth.