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This talk attempts to specifically explore the potential of Sri Aurobindo’s perspectives on human development to revitalize the field of developmental psychology which remains largely guided by the scientific paradigm as based on the logical positivist philosophy. An attempt is made to examine the dominant metanarratives or metaphors that guide developmental research within academic psychology and delineate the major assumptions on which they are based. Sri Aurobindo’s developmental perspectives shall thus be discussed in this paper with reference to their potential for providing a framework which is wider, deeper and capable of informing us of the past, present and future possibilities of human development.


Presenter: Monica Gupta has taught pschology at the University of Delhi. At the moment she teaches in the elementary education department at Gargi college. The areas of her interest are integral psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology and the psychology of self. Her doctoral work is based on exploring Sri Aurobindo's theory of human development.