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CONSCIOUSNESS: Ideas and Research for the Twenty-First Century (Journals and Newsletters)

ISSN 2575-5552


Exploring the Nature of Consciousness Through Scholarly Exchange

This journal reflects the values and goals of The Society for Consciousness Studies, a professional scholarly organization that honors work of quality from all authentic scholarly traditions, including philosophical, psychological, sociological, and other scientific understandings of consciousness. Within this broad framework it also seeks contributions that explore potential advances beyond the classical and postmodern knowledge paradigms that have dominated science and scholarship during the past century. The journal is a creation of The Society for Consciousness Studies and is sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Those wishing to submit original research relative to the study/ exploration of Consciousness may send correspondence to EDITOR.CONSCIOUSNESS@iCLOUD.COM

All are welcome to submit, regardless of institutional affiliation.

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (Journals and Newsletters)

ISSN 1321-0122

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (IJTS) is a semi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal publishing on topics in transpersonal psychology and related fields. Transpersonal psychology can be understood as a transformative psychology of the whole person in intimate relationship with a diverse, interconnected, and evolving world. The journal also addresses transpersonal approaches to sociology, anthropology, medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, education, leadership, feminism, culturally-situated psychologies, world religions, and spirituality, among others.

IJTS is read in 175 countries, papers are published with doi numbers, and the impact factor for the journal is 0.13 for 2017.

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The journal is sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), a university internationally recognized as a leader in integral and transpersonal education, research, and scholarship. The journal has been in print since 1981, and its readership is reflected in more than 45,000 article downloads per year.

Upcoming Special Topics:

Integral and Transpersonal Education — 2018 Heidi Fraser-Hagemann hfraser@ciis.edu

Transpersonal Sexuality — 2018 Marie Thouin mariethouin@gmail.com

Spiritual Awakening — 2018 Kelly Kilrea kkilrea@ustpaul.ca

Myth, Dream and Imagination — 2019 Helena Daly helenacdaly@gmail.com

Participatory Research — 2019 Olga Sohmer olgasohmer@gmail.com

Alchemy, Transformation, and the Future Human — 2020 Stephen Julich sjulich@ciis.edu

Integral and Transpersonal Psychotherapy — 2020 Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo srodriguez-castillo@ciis.edu

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Journal of Conscious Evolution (Journals and Newsletters)