Embrace of the Earth 2016

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Ayurveda, humanity's oldest medicine tradition, taught an amazingly perceptive lesson in environmental science: The root cause of the derangement of seasons is loss of Dharma or unrighteousness. If dharma is lost, over time, the sun and the moon will behave unpredictably, the seasons will change course, rivers will become violent and change course, meteorites will appear frequently, earthquakes will shake the terrain and in this natural and human created mayhem, diseases will thrive and multiply, and cause mass scale destruction of all living beings. (Charaka Samhita, 2 BC)

Thus, the Ayurvedic sages offer a deeply insightful understanding of the relationship between macrocosm (environment) and microcosm (human being). Ayurveda teaches us to benefit our entire planetary ecosystem by suggesting measures that guide the human consciousness to walk only the path of dharma. Through Ayurveda, humanity has the potential to dwell in profound harmony with all of nature and her creatures.

Join Vedic Scholar Acharya Shunya as she expounds on the rare teachings of Ayurveda sages from ancient texts, and highlights Ayurveda's stand on environment, consciousness, and health.