CONSCIOUSNESS: Ideas and Research for the Twenty-First Century


Bruce Alderman


The concept of generalized co-presence is a central one in the gram- mar of Bhaskar’s metaRealist metaphysics. As a term denoting the radical relationality and mutual indwelling of beings in the cosmos, generalized co- presence finds analogues in the holographic principle of Morin’s Complex Thought, Wilber’s nondual inflection of holarchy, as well as multiple religious archetypes of divine interindependence. In this paper, I will explore the potential of this concept for framing a “deep participatory,” Complex Integral Realist model of interreligious relationship that can amplify the integrative potential of the metaRealist, Integral, and participatory approaches to this topic that have been articulated to date. To facilitate this inquiry, and to situate it in a context that I believe will be most fruitful, I will first broadly outline the contours of two related metaphysical projects which I believe are highly relevant for integral metatheoriz- ing: prepositional philosophy and theology.