Expanding and Reenchanting the Psyche: The Pioneering Thought of Stanislav Grof

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Informed by Grof’s early pioneering research and clinical work with psychedelics, Holotropic Breathwork has offered thousands of people all around the world the opportunity to experience the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness without the aid of psychoactive substances. In turn, Grof Transpersonal Training, using Holotropic Breathwork as the experiential vehicle, has developed an extremely effective model that could play an important role in training a new generation of psychedelic therapists.



Diane Haug, M.A., LPCC, is a licensed therapist and senior member of the Grof Transpersonal Training staff. Having completed the Grof’s first three-year training program, she has been involved with the international Holotropic Breathwork community since 1986. Diane has developed GTT training modules including Shamanism: An Exploration of Traditional Wisdom; The Language of the Soul: The Art and Practice of Integrating Deep Inner Experience; Living with Dying and The Psychedelic Experience: Promises and Perils. In addition, she has assisted in Ralph Metzner’s shamanic / alchemical training programs over the last two decades. Diane is presently an adjunct faculty member at Southwestern College, a transpersonal graduate school in Santa Fe, New Mexico and serves as the Executive Director of the Ocamora Retreat Center in northern New Mexico. She will be on the teaching staff of the new CIIS Center for the Study of Psychedelic Medicine.