Somatics and EcoActivism Conference

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This conference focused on the interface between Somatics and Ecoactivism, and invited leaders in the teaching of body practices that root us in an earthly sense of ourselves, as well as thinkers who were diagnosing the monsters at our doorway and what to do about them.

One proposed reason that the ecology movement has had trouble mobilizing the vast populations that it needs is that most people—even those in favor of ecology—don’t deeply feel that their souls and levels of consciousness are entwined with the earth; that the pressing dangers to the earth are dangers to their own sensibilities.

On the one hand, there are tens of thousands of gifted workers with the body who are very halting in how to bring forth their earthly concerns. On the other, are the activists who are too often rooted mainly in discourse and concept. Something effective might come from their joining.

Conference participants included Bill McKibben, Steven Harper, David Abram, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and Emilie Conrad.


Facilitator: Don Hanlon Johnson, PhD, is the founder of the first graduate degree program in Somatics, located at CIIS in San Francisco. Author of several book and journal articles, his focus has been on the interface between the transformation of the body through conscious practices and the evolution of spiritual and social consciousness. He has been a longtime member of the CTR project, gathering several leaders in the field of Somatics with scientists and philosophers to refine the fields educational and research capacities. See: http://donhanlonjohnson.com/ for more details.