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Karuk Climate Adaptation in Northern California

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Healing the Land and the People: Responding to Contemporary Challenges via Food Sovereignty, Coalition Building, and Indigenous Knowledge

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Indigenous scholar and traditional dip-net fisherman

Charley Reed comes from the Karuk, Hupa and Yurok people of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. He is an Indigenous scholar from Humbolt University currently as student in the Master’s of Social Science Program, Environment and Community. He earned a BA in Native American Studies with a minor in Recreation Administration. By learning these two disciplines, he plans on giving back to his local tribal community by incorporating indigenous knowledge, values and practices with recreational activities for local, tribal youth. He enjoys spending his free time hanging out with friends and family. Some activities they like to do together are hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and gathering traditional foods.

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Karuk Tribe

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Karuk Climate Adaptation in Northern California