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Legal and Policy Contexts for Stewarding Indigenous Land and Sacred Sites


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Erika Erzberger was born on the land of the Puichon tribe of Ramaytush speaking Ohlone and now lives on the beautiful ancestral land of the Southern Pomo and Miwok.

Erika is a doctoral student with the graduate program of Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion at CIIS. Prior to her study at CIIS, Erika earned a master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho with an emphasis on the conservation of rare plants. She aspires to be a steward and a caretaker to her family and to the people, plants, and land where she lives. In addition to her academic interests, Erika works at the non-profit Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center, which offers free support to parents of special needs children as they navigate the systems that serve them. When she is not busy with work, school, or her children, you may find her gardening, walking one of the dogs, baking a sweet treat, listening to an audiobook, or planning a camping trip.

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