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Ancient Philae, temple site of black Isis (Ese) in Nubia, encompasses a rich and fascinating archaeomythological study. Although the temple fell into alien hands, goddess Isis’ power not only continued for over three millennia in Egypt, but also “her worship grew during the Hellenistic period (when she was conflated with the Great Mother of the Greeks, Demeter), then continued into the Roman Era, and finally was adapted to Christian needs.” (HLW: 13.) Reginald Eldred Witt notes that the “veneration (hyperdulia) of the Blessed Virgin Mary was certainly introduced at about the same time as Theodosius ordered the destruction of Pagan temples, … but [Isis] survived in some very remarkable ways.” Over the centuries, “[h]er violent end proved her dreaded power.” (IG: 273-4.) Witt adds that due to the ancient Isiac stronghold she subsequently took prominence in major Greek centers including Delos, Delphi and Eleusis where she was well revered.



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