Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy Conference

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How might a client's age and stage of life influence the resources chosen in therapy? How does the maturing body-mind experience the Ground of Being? How best can we utilize those spiritual resources a client himself may bring to therapy, i.e. beliefs, practices and experiences, in order to facilitate not only their resolution of past trauma but also the greater unfolding of their movement towards Wholeness? To explore these questions three male clients (child, young adult, adult) are presented and intervention highlights discussed.


Presenter: Randi Ameya Specterman, PhD is a California and New York licensed psychologist who practices in Berkeley and Palo Alto. Randi draws on mindfulness and non-dual teachings as well as somatic methods such as Hakomi and AF-EMDR to inform her therapy practice. She is also on staff at Open Gate Sangha, which supports the teachings of Adyashanti and Mukti.