Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy Conference

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This presentation explores directly utilizing nondual awareness as the ultimate resource in the resolution of trauma. There is a discussion of the importance of resources when working with trauma and how nondual awareness provides what no other resource can. A case regarding developmental trauma demonstrates the use of the nondual field as the primary resource and how it facilitated the client’s capacity to be fully present with the challenging symptoms of trauma and release it at the root. The audience will explore how to take whatever understanding the client has of nonduality and bring that directly into the therapeutic process while deepening their experience of this ultimate resource.


Presenter: Lynn Marie Lumiere, MFT has 24 years-experience and works somatically with a Nondual orientation and an emphasis on resolution of trauma in the nondual field. She is a contributing author for the Sacred Mirror as well as the "Undivided" online journal. Lynn Marie is co-author of The Awakening West and is the author of an upcoming book titled Undivided Love: A Guide to Awakened Relating.