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This presentation will explore how four distinct and profound archetypal energies galvanize the transformational process so important to Integral Psychology. These energies are personified in the great goddesses Mahesvari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasarasvati. Sri Aurobindo links these goddesses with his major values of wisdom, power, harmony and work and envisions an intricate working of spirit through them to accomplish not only a personal transformation of consciousness in us but a cosmic and supramental change as well. Colorful illustrations accompany the presentation.


Presenter: Hilary Anderson, Ph.D. is a noted teacher, author and seminar leader for over thirty years in East-West psychology and Religion. She has pioneered the development of transformative methods of working with integral psychology, Goddess, and tarot imagery as well as other symbolic and oracular traditions that enhance our psychological and spiritual development. In 1992, she founded the Universal Way Foundation in Los Angeles to support studies, programs and festivals that promote self-sovereignty and cross-cultural respect for all spiritual pathways.