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This paper is about an academic as well as cultural journey of (re)affirmation. Imbued with

Western knowledge, I was nearly swayed to alter my beliefs and core assumptions towards a

modern world view. I was referred to an article by Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese (hereafter Tui

Atua) which significantly assuaged the tensions of seemingly opposing values rooted in two

different world views. I realized now that in many ways, Tui Atua’s publications on Samoan

wisdom, culture and philosophy had the effect of a gentle wind tapping my shoulder. The

articles reaffirmed my sense of heritage and strengthened my resolve to sustain, perpetuate

and be guided by my Samoan values of alofa (love, compassion) and faaaloalo (respect). I am

committed to apply them in all that I do. This is my story.

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