International Journal of Transpersonal Studies




This paper explores the influence of transpersonal thinking, including the mythological perspective

of Joseph Campbell and the holotropic perspective of Stanislav Grof, on actor training using

the neutral mask. An outline of training in the neutral mask is given, focusing on the approach

of David Latham, as experienced by the author in his own training. Points of correspondence

with the vision of Campbell and Grof, and their influence, are discriminated and discussed.

These correspondences open up two areas of inquiry: the transformative effect of the mask work

when conducted in a transpersonally-oriented set, and the use of the neutral mask as an approach

to the study of myth and archetype. Both are discussed, and some preliminary conclusions drawn

based on experiences reported by student-actors and the author’s observations during his own

research and his practice as actor and teacher.

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Creative Commons License
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