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Science, consciousness, and integralityIn this presentation we will look at evidence for an emerging technological singularity. What this means, current research and projects, and advances in various scientific fields will be explored. We will review how consciousness relates to this issue, scientific/yogic models for consciousness, and arguments for and against this possibility. Finally we will examine some moral, legal, technical, and spiritual challenges that we will face in the future.


David Hutchinson has been involved in science and yoga for almost 40 years. For the past 15 years he has been working in computer technology, and is currently on the team at UC Davis Medical Center implementing a major clinical information system. Before that he worked as a clinical nurse, with hands-on experience in patient care. His first degree is in physics, and he has a lifelong interest in the cutting edge of science. Since 1976 he has studied and written about Integral Yoga, and both led and participated in many conferences, presentations, online discussions, and organizations in that field. He is currently studying and writing about the intersection of technology and consciousness.