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The Primordial Mind: Outline of a Pedagogy for the Recovery of Indigenous Mind and the Facilitation of Integrated States of ConsciousnessHaridas Chaudhuri wrote: “When a person discovers his ultimate ground of existence, his authentic individuality emerges. He begins to feel a spiritual kinship with the entire universe. He experiences a sense of responsibility for the entire living creation. His heart beats in unison with the all of existence. His soul is aflame with the spirit of dedication to cosmic welfare, he becomes cosmocentric.” Jurgen will explore what we can learn from indigenous traditions regarding such an integral view of the individual and how it can be facilitated in the classroom. How do we begin to heal the collective trauma of the pervasive severance from our active engagement with local and cosmic welfare? How can teachers and students be engaged in an integrated process of consciousness that facilitates the connection with our ancient potentials and spiritual activism?


Jürgen Werner Kremer, PhD, is the editor of ReVision, where he has published recent articles about the trickster and fundamental issues in the conception of transpersonal psychology, mythic storytelling, ethno-autobiography, and radical presence. He is a faculty member at the Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University, and Saybrook University. He presently is involved with the preparations for the 27th International Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing, which convenes annually on Labor Day outside of San Francisco.