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Embracing Multidimensionality and Expanding Perspective through Drama Therapy Integralism can be viewed as expansion- to access and integrate multiple parts of ourselves, and to embrace multiple perspectives. The fictional and real life enactments in drama therapy invite people to step outside of habitual roles, patterns and scripts, and to think and act in new ways. Drama therapy also facilitates an embodied means of seeing from another’s perspective, by stepping into his or her role – heightening our compassion and our capacity to connect with others in their complexity.


Renee Emunah, Ph.D., RDT/BCT, is the founder and director of the Drama Therapy Program at CIIS. She is the author of the book Acting for Real (which has been translated into Japanese and Chinese), and co-editor of the book, Current Approaches in Drama Therapy. She is a Board certified trainer of Drama Therapists (BCT), a past-President of the National Association for Drama Therapy, and a recipient of the NADT Distinguished Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Drama Therapy. Renee was a keynote speaker at a creative arts therapy conference in Hong Kong in 2006, and the keynote speaker at the National Association for Drama Therapy conference in 2008. Considered a pioneer in the field of drama therapy, her work has been presented internationally.