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Haridas Chaudhuri’s Universal Religion: An Integral ViewTwo years before CIIS opened its doors, Haridas Chaudhuri wrote a remarkable little book called Modern Man’s Religion. His universal approach hailed the eternal quest for religion, but also honored the need to explore religious values that unite us rather than divide. We will explore his integral perspective that makes such a lofty idea relevant for our time. He was convinced that if we had an expanded vision, with attainable goals, we could begin to realize a new cycle of cooperation and harmony.


Hilary Anderson, Ph.D. is former professor, dean, and founding board member of CIIS. In 1992 she founded the Universal Way Foundation inLos Angeles to support research, programs and celebrations that promote self-integration and cross-cultural regard for all spiritual pathways. She travels widely, conducting seminars and counseling in Integral Psychology, specializing in theDivine Feminine Dr.Anderson has taught as adjunct professor for EWP and ASC programs at CIIS in recent years. Her publications include numerous essays and articles on Integral Psychology and oracular symbolism.