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mbodied Spiritual Practices and Socially Transformative ServiceThere are many links, typically hidden, among the following traditions: 1) Methods of meditation in various spiritual traditions; 2) Practices for cultivating awareness of breath, postures, movements, touch; 3) Cultivation of interconnectedness with other humans, living beings, the cosmos; 4) Implications of the interweaving of those 3 in approaches to social change.The Obama movement, and the social movements of theMiddle East, and the Gandhian-based theories of Gene Sharp are current examples.


Don Hanlon Johnson , PhD, is the founder of the Somatics Program at CIIS, in which he is now a professor. He is the author of several books and journal articles, whose repetitive theme concerns the networks of relationships among individual bodily experience, a sense of self-in-community, and the larger worlds of culture and politics.