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Integral Ecofeminism The integral ecofeminist worldview expressed in this presentation recognizes the ever growing, ever expanding, ever changing nature of things as existing beyond our limited ability to perceive and/or explain the world we know. It calls us to a journey, to the realm of spirit for initiation. It is a prayer for helping us to understand that which we oftentimes cannot describe nor explain adequately though the vehicle of language. Rather than be limited to our words, integral ecofeminism asks that at times we be willing to communicate through our hearts; for the love that is generated from within that crucible has the power to embrace and nurture the rising tension of the entire planet. Further, are called to “spirate” language, to borrow Mary Daly’s term, breathing the life of the Muse into the creation of reality. This presentation offers an introduction to integral ecofeminism as a spiritual and philosophical pathway for the realization of a global community while providing the tools by which the container for global metamorphosis is created.


Chandra Alexandre, PhD is known for her passionate engagement of theory and practice through courses on women’s spirituality, ecofeminism and Tantra. She serves on the Board of Directors for several community-based nonprofit organizations committed to the empowerment of women and girls and is a homebirth advocate. Professionally, she is clergy for SHARANYA, a nonprofit dedicated to social justice through goddess spirituality, and a full-time fund development officer for a national education reform organization. Chandra holds a PhD in Asian & Comparative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a Doctor of Ministry degree from Wisdom University (formerly the University of Creation Spirituality), and an MBA in sustainable management from Presidio Graduate School. She is conjurer of “The Aghori Bakery: Everyday Spiritual Conversations” (forthcoming).