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Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri a major American exponent of the Integral Yoga focused on comparative religion in the institute he created (CIIS.) One of his major works, Modern Man’s Religion, also discussed religion, as a part of practice. On the other hand, the Mother (Mirra Alfassa), after her supramental realization felt that religion was mired in ignorance and, in her charter for the city of Auroville she repeated twice that at Auroville there would be no representations or public support of religions. So what then is view of the Integral Yoga? In this talk I will argue that Integral practice affirms both these positions.


James Ryan, Ph.D. is Director of the Asian and Comparative concentration in the Philosophy & Religion Program at CIIS. Jim’s general interests are in the culture, history, and philosophies of India. He is specifically interested in the various forms of Hindu Tantra, particularly the Kashmir Shaiva traditions and the tradition of Sri Aurobindo. A secondary interest is in Jainism and the historical interplay between the non-theistic philosophical traditions and Hinduism. Jim is a Sanskrit scholar and co-author of Encyclopedia Of Hinduism.