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In this session Joanne will share the structure, approach and facilitation practices for a course that is “on” now. She reflects about her teaching thus far and on the students and their struggles and insights, and questions whether the class as a whole is coming to a transformed understanding about knowing and the topic at hand. This presentation of a particular course’s design and how it is lived by instructor and students sets a context for inviting thought about “transformative inquiry,” “transdisciplinary research,” and “integral learning” and how these might express themselves in course design generally. The intention is to open a way to mutually explore what we instructors understand about these concepts and to consider how they might inform teaching and learning at CIIS.


Joanne’s contribution to teaching and learning includes her transdisciplinary approach to inquiry. She asks about the dynamic synergy of the unconscious and the cultural and transpersonal dimensions of being that constitute the affective qualities of learning environments, including online ones. Joanne imagines these environments as subjects who are indifferent or who are caring about whether all who inhabit them actually learn. Learning environments that care, compel a deep listening attitude as a normative way to be. Learners take creative risks, engage diverse others, critically question personal beliefs and assumptions and are less discomforted by uncertainty when engaged in environments that care.