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Although a perennial Golden Chain (Aurea Catena) of esoteric knowledge stretching back into antiquity has received much attention from Anton Kirchweger, Wolfgang Goethe, and CG Jung, a subtler, less literal, and more lunar Silver Tradition (Argentum Catena) linking Near East and West runs from ancient shamanic practice and art forward into Gnosticism, Alchemy, and Earth-honoring ecopsychologies. This presentation will describe the Silver Tradition and the goddesses like Sophia who have guided its reincarnations into the present, where it can help us return to world and cosmos with a sense of reenchantment, appreciation, and love.


Craig Chalquist, PhD., is the program chair of East-West Psychology at CIIS. Craig focuses his scholarly writing and teaching on depth psychology, ecopsychology, qualitative research, Systems Theory, ecotherapy, and mythology from a psychological perspective. He practices what he refers to as “Deep Education”: the kind that invites the human relationship to nature, elements, creatures, and Earth to shift from mere utility to deep appreciation. He also trains psychotherapists in ecotherapy techniques, has presented at Bioneers, and gives local presentations on “Gardening and Mental Health.” Craig is author of numerous works including Terrapsychology: Reengaging the Soul of Place (2007), Deep California (2008), and he is co-editor with Linda Buzzell-Saltzman of Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (2009). Craig is on the editorial board of the journal Ecopsychology and a member of the International Association for Ecotherapy.