The Seven Quartets, the Triple Transformation and the Mother - How to Integrate the Formulations of the Integral Yoga

Debashish Banerji, CIIS


Through his life Sri Aurobindo provided different formulations of his yoga practice, which he called the Integral Yoga. One may identify at least three such formulations, encapsulated in the blueprints provided by "the Seven Quartets" (Sapta Chatushaya) as expressed in his Record of Yoga, "The Triple Transformation" as expressed in The Life Divine and the idea of "The Mother" as expressed in its eponymous text. The differences in these formulations may have arisen from changes in Sri Aurobindo's own understanding, the need to address different audiences and/or shifts in practical emphasis relating to the same complex integral phenomenon. In this talk, I will approach these three distinct formulations of Sri Aurobindo's teaching with a view to understand how they relate to the goal of the Integral Yoga and if at all they can be integrated.