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Integral dreaming : a holistic approach to dreams


Integral dreaming : a holistic approach to dreams



A holistic approach to the fascinating, multifaceted world of dreams. This innovative book offers a holistic approach to one of the most fascinating and puzzling aspects of human experience: dreaming. Advocating the broad-ranging vision termed “integral” by thinkers from Aurobindo to Wilber, Fariba Bogzaran and Daniel Deslauriers consider dreams as multifaceted phenomena in an exploration that includes scientific, phenomenological, sociocultural, and subjective knowledge. Drawing from historical, cross-cultural, and contemporary practices, both interpretive and noninterpretive, the authors present Integral Dream Practice, an approach that emphasizes the dreamer’s creative participation, reflective capacities, and mindful awareness in working with dreams. Bogzaran and Deslauriers have developed this comprehensive way of approaching dreams over many years and highlight their methods in a chapter that unfolds a single dream, showing how sustained creative exploration over time leads to transformative change.



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SUNY Press


Albany , New York


Dreams, Dream Studies, Integral Dreaming


Cognition and Perception


Contents: History and context. A larger calling: the field of integral studies ; An integral approach to dreaming -- Dreaming from an integral perspective: research and theory. The creative brain and the science of sleep and dreams ; Embodied and purposeful dreaming ; The subjective experience of dreams ; Types of dreams: toward an ecology of dreaming ; Dreams and self-inquiry ; Dreams and intersubjectivity ; Culture, ecology, and identity ; Turning to larger patterns: dreams, society, and the environment -- Integral dream practice: philosophy and application. Overview ; Toward an integral dream practice ; Hermeneutic of dream interpretation ; Epistemic uncertainty: non-interpretive approaches to dreams ; Philosophy of practice ; Hermeneutic of creation: the five movements of integral dream practice ; Dreams in creation: the Ursa Major dream.

Integral dreaming : a holistic approach to dreams