Embrace of the Earth 2016

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Humanity is at a pivotal stage in our evolution: Homo Sapiens Sapiens has been on Earth for some 100,000 years, some millions of years if we count our ancestor species. These are mere time flickers in an Earth and its life stretching to billions of years. The last years have seen an unprecedented development of technological and scientific advancements, an awareness of human rights, a globalization of economic systems and an awareness of the Earth as our common home. Along with these, we witness major ecological challenges, famines and poverty, extinction of countless species, societal strife, a breakdown of human values, increasing frequency of wars, and even the threat of nuclear annihilation. It is time to realize we are at crossroads and as planetary citizens make our choices: Either we move forward with the awareness of the sacredness of all life, the brotherhood/sisterhood for all humans on Earth, a higher spiritual purpose; or go down the path of more of the same, the relentless rise of the ego, the source of all evils, until perhaps we annihilate ourselves. From the point of view of the Conscious Universe, the freedom to choose is ours. If we realize the unity of all life, under an undivided Awareness, we will fulfill our planetary and galactic destiny. I hope we do.


Menas C. Kafatos, Ph.D., is the Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics, and Director of the Center of Excellence of Earth Systems Modeling and Observations at Chapman University; Visiting Professor, Division of Environmental Science & Ecological Engineering, and Advisor BK21 Plus Eco-Leader Education Center, Korea University, Seoul, Korea; and Affiliated Researcher, National Observatory of Athens, Greece. He is a quantum physicist, cosmologist, and climate change researcher and works extensively on consciousness. He holds seminars and workshops for individuals and organizations on the natural laws that apply everywhere and are the foundations of the universe, for well-being and success. His doctoral thesis advisor was the renowned M.I.T. professor Philip Morrison who studied under J. Robert Oppenheimer. He has authored 305 articles, is author or editor of 15 books, including The Conscious Universe (Springer), Looking In, Seeing Out (Theosophical Publishing House), and is co-author with Deepak Chopra of the forthcoming book, The Creative Cosmos (Harmony). He maintains a Huffington Post blog. You can learn more at here.