Embrace of the Earth 2016

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Paul Devereaux, as a part of his work in consciousness and archaeology, enlisted two dozen volunteers to sleep in three reputed "sacred sites" in England and Wales. Each brought along another volunteer to awaken them during rapid eye movement sleep and request a dream report. These reports were compared with those obtained while the participants were at their homes, sleeping in their familiar beds. Significant differences were observed when both sets of dream reports were subjected to content analysis. Future research needs to incorporate a third setting into the study, namely a group of "control sacred sites," locations the participants are told to have been visited over the centuries because of their reputed healing and visionary qualities but, in actuality, lack any such record.


Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., is Alan Watts Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University, Oakland, California. He is the recipient of the American Psychological Association's Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Development of International Psychology and Life Career Awards from the Society for Humanistic Psychology, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and the Parapsychological Association. He is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the Society for the Study of Religion, the Society for the Study of Sexuality, and four divisions of the American Psychological Association. He is the co-author of Demystifying Shamans and Their World, The Voice of Rolling Thunder, Extraordinary Dreams, and Personal Mythology. He is the co-editor of Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence.