Embrace of the Earth 2016


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The emergence of language and the capacity for storytelling can be considered fundamental to our becoming human. Our brain seeks meaningful patterns - "the story" - in everything we see, hear or sense. Storytelling favors survival by activating a powerful inner world of association and meaning, enabling us to more successfully navigate the world, empathize with others, and develop abstract ideas. Similarly, the visual arts express and reflect back to ourselves our connection to nature and the cosmos in symbolic form. Thinkers since the time of Plato and Aristotle have described traits common to these forms of expression as archetypes: characters, images and scenarios that recur over time, patterns and structures that are fundamental in nature. Jung and Campbell are renowned for their insights into this rich realm of the psyche. What does all this evidence reveal about the deeper nature of consciousness? This talk will offer some interpretations, as well as explore broader aspects of storytelling and art throughout human history.


Nick Day is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Nick brought the biggest event in the history of humanity - India's Maha Kumbh Mela - to movie audiences worldwide in the critically acclaimed Shortcut to Nirvana. He now focuses his attention on the science of consciousness and the deeper nature of story. Nick is producer and host of Consciousness Central, the daily broadcast from TSC conference, and of the documentary series The Consciousness Chronicles. He has spoken at TSC in Tucson and Helsinki, SAND, Deepak Chopra's Sages & Scientists Symposium, the Society for Consciousness Studies conference, Boom Festival, and with IONS at Burning Man.