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NTU Psychotherapy: An African-Centered Approach to Healing and Wellness


NTU Psychotherapy: An African-Centered Approach to Healing and Wellness

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NTU Psychotherapy, developed by Henry Gregory, is an approach to working with families that allows them to recognize and tap into their inner strength for healing and oneness, understanding that healing is a natural process. NTU interventionists use spirituality-focused, culturally competent interventions to facilitate the healing process. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic elements of the NTU approach, and through didactic and experiential delivery, show its application to a range of human service practices. Additionally, the presenters will share empirical data that demonstrate positive outcomes for individuals and families served. Finally, participants will be exposed to practical tools and examples that will make the content relevant and useful in practice with urban communities.

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San Francisco, California


African-Centered Psychology; Multicultural Counseling; Spiritual-focused therapy


Community Psychology | Counseling Psychology | Multicultural Psychology



Henry Gregory, PhD, is a mental health professional with over 35 years of experience. He holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and master degrees in both community mental health and psychology. Dr. Gregory's primary clinical orientation is family systems. He has specialized in the development of treatment models that are applicable to direct service populations and the clinicians who deliver services to them. At Progressive Life Center of Washington, DC, he led the development of NTU Psychotherapy.

Denise Boston, PhD, RDT, is Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, and Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology at CIIS. She has been instrumental in developing arts-based programming and Rites of Passage trainings to promote wellness among African American youth and families. Dr. Boston's most recent research has been in collaboration with the Glide Foundation Family, Youth, and Family Center (FYCC). It has been funded by the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation and the Technology Credit Union (Tech CU).

NTU Psychotherapy: An African-Centered Approach to Healing and Wellness