CONSCIOUSNESS: Ideas and Research for the Twenty-First Century


Peterson, Eric


This paper is the result of an inquiry into ecological consciousness through a participatory paradigm. The dialectical relationship between institutionalized education and consciousness is central to this inquiry’s focus. This exploration into ecological consciousness has lead to the following question: How can institutionalized education be designed, delivered, and experienced in a way that nurtures ecological intelligence, ecological consciousness, and more importantly, ecological activism? The ‘sense of self ‘is a central theme within the paper, and led to the conception of intraearthal and interearthal relationships as a way of communicating our need to identify as being in Earth. The author utilizes an arts-based approach of integrating photography as a means for exploring and communicating the topic. The paper arrives at the conclusion of the vital nature of an ecopedagogy that is highly experiential by design and delivery. The overall inquiry also leads to a place of acknowledging the challenges of nurturing an ecological sense of self within modern sociocultural contexts that can be systemically ecocidal.