Journal of Conscious Evolution


McAuley, C. E.


This paper is an exploration of Krishnamurti’s ideas on education in relation to American institutions of public education. It explores the K-12 levels and collegiate level of education. While reflecting on the nature of American public education, the paper also poses the question of how Krishnamurti’s philosophy may be applied by the educator within the system. Along with looking at both the nature of American public education and Krishnamurti’s philosophy, I include my own quest on how, if possible, to apply Krishnamurti’s teachings in the college classroom. Looking at multiple aspects of the subject, I reflect on my own conflicts in how to achieve liberation for the student or to provide an environment in which students may liberate themselves from conditioned ways of thinking. The paper concludes with a list of suggestions for a modified way of bridging the gap between Krishnamurti’s philosophy and American public higher education.