Journal of Conscious Evolution

Article Title

Healing Our Planet


Laszlo, Ervin


In the last few years, and especially since the economic-financial crisis of the fall of 2008, it has become painfully clear that there is something seriously wrong with our world. The media is full of reports of crises, and various experts offer suggestions on what to do about them. But for the most part the diagnosis and the cure are highly sectoral and partial. There is talk about the financial crisis, and the overall economic crisis. Then of the environmental crisis and various resource-crises: energy, food, water, among others. There is also talk about consumerism, power-hunger, and greed. There is no integral, encompassing overview of what’s wrong, and what’s needed to correct it.

This study attempts a systemic analysis of the world’s health problem. It reviews the factors that make the planet sick, and suggests the nature of the treatment that would heal it.