Journal of Conscious Evolution

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On the Topology of the Noosphere


As a young child I had a certain set of dreams, the enigma of which remained mysteriously hovering in my memories to this day. In one of these earliest dreams of my life, I am playing hide-and-seek with my friends, but am observing myself from an external third-person perspective, just as all my dreams had regularly been until then. I remember that the next morning, my waking conscious mind had noticed this split between self and observer and judged it unusual, and so in the following night’s dream, I somehow willed my observer self to merge into the body of my self that was being observed. In this apparently spontaneous lucid experience, I forced myself into what I deemed to be a proper first-person subjective experience. My dreams have never been the same since then. I began to miss the third-person view and wonder why I did what I had done to get rid of it, and in general puzzle over the deeper meaning of these events.