Journal of Conscious Evolution


Sensitivity to paranormal phenomena can be a source of emotional, mental and psychospiritual stress for individuals demonstrating verified mediumistic abilities, yet integrating these anomalous experiences in a healthy, affirming manner can reduce distress and potentially deflect egodystonic diagnoses of pathology. Because mediums can relay information which appear to be otherworldly from meditation, during trance, or by automatic writing and painting, health professionals have diagnosed mediums with mental disorders such as dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia. This overreliance on pathology to explain anomalous experiences is troublesome and can cause severe distress to individuals demonstrating extrasensory capabilities. This paper was written to understand my own anomalous experiences and is designed to provide validity and professionalism to the practice. As the field of mental health continues to evolve, evidence supporting mediumship as a beneficial practice along with the importance of integrating this non-ordinary state of consciousness is becoming more socially accepted, and a transpersonal approach to treatment through veridical investigation and nurturing guidance is preferred over a traditional reliance on delimiting Western applications.