Journal of Conscious Evolution


At the beginning of Chapter 17 in our book Spiral Dynamics we noted:

“George Bush’s hundred hour war in the Persian Gulf and Caesar-like triumphal parading through Washington, D. C. in l991 became his twilight’s last gleaming. He never recovered from the victory. In his speech announcing Operation Desert Storm he had claimed: ‘We have before us the opportunity to forge, for ourselves and for future generations, a New World Order.’”

The term “New World Order” itself not only became a fearful symbol of global domination by an elite few, but it also stoked paranoid fears of a new march of jack boots to the cadence of a single ideology. President Bush later softened the sentiment before the United Nations General Assembly with the words: “In short, we seek a pax universalis built upon shared understanding.” The time has now come to renew the search for the global operating principle and process. This quest for the Next Global Mesh is based on such a pax universalis, an initiative that seeks after a “shared understanding” of how we, as a people, emerge through levels of complexity. While “order” conveys the idea of closed systems and regimentation, the term “mesh” suggests a new form of social integration based on the weaving together of the rich textures of human differences and bindings of constant change. The concept of “mesh” carries with it the capacity to absorb the awesome complexities that now confront global people as we enter the next decade, century, and millennium.