Journal of Conscious Evolution


Introduction: After conducting three qualitative interviews on the somatic experiences of transgender individuals and finding relatively few resources with which to draw significant conclusions in the field, it is clear that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) scholarship is severely lacking in transpersonal psychology.

Method: This research revealed than an understanding and appreciation for the lived experiences of gay people—specifically that of gay men—are also limited and are not appropriately represented through the use of feminist or queer models. Therefore, an alarming number of issues affecting the transgender and gay male populations are not being adequately addressed within the discipline of transpersonal psychology.

Results: Several key issues surrounding the integration of spiritual and religious experiences were exposed, directly affecting the transgender and gay male populations, as well as areas in which practitioners may support and better understand the innumerable challenges facing LGBT clients and students.

Conclusion: Additional considerations were discussed to demonstrate how members of the trans and gay communities may assist the field of transpersonal psychology, as it seeks to expand its reach and visibility.