Journal of Conscious Evolution


The way to survive in the Anthropocene and transform the world is to end capitalism. Humanity must stop commodifying everything and reifying its value for consumption for the sake of power and survival. The way to do this is through love. This is an inquiry into methods and processes for confronting and transforming the planetary destruction caused by capitalism, patriarchy, and colonialism among other phenomena. This paper challenges the idea that it is unrealistic to believe that love can change the world. It posits that loving is caring and caring is the way humanity will shift consciousness so that capitalism is no longer the dominant politico-economic paradigm. That is the key. If we care, no one will go hungry, homeless, or without what they need. Racial injustice, sexual violence, the maldistribution of wealth and resources, famine, and so many of the world’s ails can be radically halted if there is a critical mass of human beings caring enough to do something about it. If we care, no one will be murdered, discriminated against, exploited, starved, and oppressed. This love as a revolution to end capitalism and champion human rights and the welfare of all of Earth’s living systems must be a movement that generates momentum to catalyze change. This shift in consciousness occurs individually and collectively in order for global transformation of human created systems from Hell on Earth to a global, loving social utopia.