Journal of Conscious Evolution


This essay is an exploration of the human maturation process from a transpersonal point of view. The main premise of the essay is the notion that our maturation on the level of consciousness (the living quality) is not synonymous with our bodily maturation or the ongoing construction of our social personality (the identity project). It suggests that transpersonality is a fundamental component in human development, but has been overlooked and left out in most areas of modern culture. The recent rise of mental illnesses and the overall frustration or discontent within our society is a direct result of infrastructures that have not allowed the unique principal of consciousness to flourish into the transpersonal state. Our society has portrayed the identity project as the panacea to our most primal longing for expansion, yet Decomorose suggests that an enlivening and recapitulation of our consciousness to incorporate transpersonal dimensions is key to unlocking deeper and newer human potentials. As we seek to remedy our old ways of life and create something new we can no longer afford to pay the crippling price of maintaining conventions that no longer suit the expansion of the human spirit.