Journal of Conscious Evolution


In 1920 Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture entitled Healing of the Social Organism which is collected in a small and fairly obscure book (Oswald Spengler: Prophet of World Chaos). The lecture was given after Spengler’s The Decline of the West had become a best-seller. In the lecture, Rudolf Steiner takes it upon himself to “deconstruct” his fellow German scholar/intellectual. In the piece, Steiner attacks Spengler’s opposition between “the man of blood” – the man who gets things done, the man of action -- versus “the man of contemplation” -- the theologian, the priest, the scientist with his concept world. Steiner points out that apparently for Spengler, the only thing that really matters in this opposition is the man of blood, the man of action – the Napoleon, the Julius Caesar, the statesman, the gambler – the person who gets things done; this is the person who makes world history, who brings history into being and makes it happen – thought/contemplation means nothing to this man...