Journal of Conscious Evolution


The science of consciousness has traditionally situated knowledge creation in the mind, and thus, marginalizes the knowing body. Returning to the body requires a decolonization of consciousness in Euro-Western research paradigms and in our bodies. This research is grounded in the spirituality indigenous to my Latinx matrilineage known as Mary consciousness, which frames the body as an epistemic pillar of knowledge creation. A feminist fleshing of the knowing body displaces the centrality of the mind by elevating indigenous ways of knowing. Material feminist worldviews contribute by expressing the degree to which the body has been marginalized as a valid source of knowledge creation and expanding the binary split of mind over body. The theoretical entanglement of ethics, being, and knowing in the coalescence of matter, spirit, and meaning illustrate that we cannot know where the body ends, and the mind begins. This threefold schema is delineated through the embodied experience of Mary consciousness as a structure, state, and stream of experience. Ultimately, this research reflects an offering of spiritual inquiry into the discursive practices that limit the body in the process of knowledge creation.