Journal of Conscious Evolution


Jean Gebser’s theory of consciousness suggests that we are experiencing a new era in the history of consciousness. Human consciousness moves like a pendulum. The current Integral Structure of Consciousness is not unprecedented, yet we are experiencing it in a multi-layered, deeper, and vaster way. Centaurs are imaginal creatures that first appeared within the Mythical Structure of Consciousness, making a bridge between the unity of the Magical and the duality of Mental structures. In this paper, I view the centaurs through the lenses of mythology and archetypal depth psychology and discuss the critical role of this mythic figure in the integration between the civil and the primitive aspects of human consciousness. Centaurs have always been about integration with our animalistic side, but are they bringing a specifically necessary gift to our time of integral consciousness? Are centaurs returning to human consciousness? If so, should we and can we create a more integrated centaur myth?