Journal of Conscious Evolution


This paper is an exploration of a space in which questions of self-determination and planetary crises can co-exist. It swims in uncomfortable seas of accepting that environmental consciousness is as innate as our existence, and at the same time not aligned to healthy ecosystems. In this paper, I will first explore environmental consciousness from an ecosystem perspective and present some self-organizing principles of our systems; then I will look into our perceptions, awareness, and sensing of them and finally propose an understanding of how the morphic fields in ecosystems and the creative flow of the life force co-exist in our environmental consciousness. The question driving this quest is why—if humans are co-creators of their system and there is an unfoldment of life—are we still destroying our ecosystems? Which enabling conditions are missing for our environmental consciousness to align with the vital impetus of life? I surmise that patterns, frequencies, and rhythms can support the alignment of our environmental consciousness with l’élan vital. The concluding section offers some concrete examples of programs, places, and novel ideas proposing different enabling environments.