Journal of Conscious Evolution


Seda, Daniel A.


Films have forever changed the way in which humans perceive reality and have provided significant opportunities to spread knowledge in ways that are both entertaining and deceptive. Uncovering the lost knowledge of the imagination shifts an individual’s perceptions of a shared experience and exposes film’s persuasive power to penetrate the psyche. This paper explores the constitutions of reality and how humans are able to tap into other realms of consciousness through mediums of creative expression. Topics such as the origins of life, the hidden knowledge of secret societies, and the burgeoning full disclosure movement for truth are discussed as a means of information dissemination that are often witnessed through the cinematic experience. Subjects involving Transpersonal Psychology, psi phenomena, science, spirituality, and the philosophies of social consciousness are used as a means of ascertaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of human existence. Concepts of magic, beauty, and dreams are offered as tools in the excavation of this lost knowledge, while the power of the imagination provides a pivotal role in the comprehension and creation of individual and collective reality.